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For us, the tenants are just as important as the owners, so we want to offer renters insurance for rental housing with current and adequate coverage.

An insurance for your rental house that includes the main coverages that your rental home needs.

The Home Insurance Commitment for tenants includes a First Risk coverage of up to 12,000 euros for the continent (housing), through which we will take care of those incidents of housing that can cause so much inconvenience.

You can also insure the equipment for the capital that you consider appropriate, although we will recommend an amount for a correct and total assurance of your assets.

Know the coverages that Pelayo offers:


  • Fire : it covers the damages suffered by the insured property due to the direct action of fire, explosion or lightning, also electric damages and extinction expenses.
  • Theft : damage and material losses are covered as a result of theft or attempted robbery, robbery or robbery committed inside the insured home. In addition, by insuring the goods, the fraudulent use of credit or debit cards that have been the subject of robbery or robbery within the national territory will be covered.
  • Replacing the lock and keys : The replacement of the lock and keys of the insured home will also be covered when they have been stolen or lost.
  • Acts of vandalism or malicious : covering expenses or damage caused in the exterior parts of the house as a result of graffiti, inscriptions, posters or similar events.
  • Damage caused by electricity : Provided that it complies with current legal regulations regarding the electrical installation, damages due to lightning, short circuits, surges and other similar electrical effects are guaranteed.
  • Failure of household appliances , guaranteeing the displacement, labor and cost of parts for repairing them. They will be included among others; gas or electric hob, hob or induction, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, oven, extractor hood, TV and electric boiler when they are less than 10 years old and provided that the breakdown is not covered by the warranty of electrical damage.
  • Damage caused by water : To the insured property as a consequence of accidental escapes of water (from the fixed installations of the dwelling or other building installations); accidental escapes or breakdown of household appliances that work with water. as well as aquariums with a volume greater than 100 liters; omission of the closing of keys or faucets; leaks from adjoining or superior homes, or through the tub band etc.
  • Card misuse : Our home insurance covers the improper use of cards within the national territory within the 48 hours following or prior to the moment in which it has been communicated to the issuing entity in the case of robbery and theft. And for the next 48 hours in case of robbery.
  • Robbery outside the home : If the goods are insured, are covered robberies or personal intimidation suffered by the insured, spouse / partner or children being assured the money in cash, items, jewelry, clothing , as well as healthcare . The limits of this coverage will be indicated in particular conditions.
  • Demolition, Debris and Salvage Expenses : The necessary demolition and debris expenses as well as the salvage of the insured property will be covered to avoid damage.
  • Fall of trees, poles and antennas : We cover the material and direct damages produced to the goods insured by the fall of trees, poles and antennas.
  • Weather phenomena, impacts and shocks : The renters insurance for your habitual home covers the damages caused by rain, wind, hail and snow in specific conditions. In the same way, the damages caused by falls of aerolites or airships, vehicle collisions, landslides, etc. will be covered.
  • Repair of private pipes without causing damage (optional): When it is necessary to repair private pipes due to a breakage and these have not caused any type of damage covered by the accident covered by this policy, the repair of said pipes will be covered up to the limit fixed in the particular conditions.
  • Breakages : Replacement expenses for breakage will be covered, in addition to transportation and placement of moons, mirrors, glass and methacrylate. It will also cover the breakage of fixed sanitary appliances including the breakage of glass-ceramic elements, marbles, granites and stones.
  • Breaks of Kitchen Vitroceramic Elements : When the appliances are secured, the moons that are a fixed part of ovens, glass-ceramic plates, refrigerators, washing machines, chimneys or stoves are covered, except for their operating mechanisms, unless they are inseparable from them .
  • Refrigerated food : Loss or deterioration of refrigerated foods that are in refrigerators or freezers intended for family consumption due to accidental power failure or anomaly in the operation of the appliance (up to 600 euros).
  • Inhabitability of the dwelling : Provided that the belongings are insured, if the dwelling is to be vacated temporarily, the rent of another similar one and its furniture will be covered. Also the transfer of the salvaged objects and their permanence in repository until a maximum of 365 days.
  • Infidelity employees of the home : When insuring the goods will be covered, up to the limit indicated in the particular conditions, the infidelity of employees including the abuse of trust of cash, bank notes, titles, coupons, checks and general values ​​that they handle for reasons of his charge, through theft, embezzlement, fraud, forgery or any other criminal figure, with an isolated or continuous character.
  • Replenishment of public documents and supporting personal documents : Thanks to this coverage, when the belongings are insured, the duplication of documents of the dwelling or personal damaged by accident will be covered.
  • Baggage : Insuring the equipment and up to the limit indicated in particular conditions, will be covered the luggage that has been transported temporarily if the accident has occurred in a hotel or rental housing.
  • Loss of luggage (optional): With this optional cover in case of loss of luggage and personal effects due to transportation, fire or theft, compensation is guaranteed up to a maximum of 300 euros per package with a maximum limit per claim set in specific conditions. This compensation will be complementary to that received by the transport company. There will also be refunds in the case of certain delays in the delivery of luggage.
  • Civil Liability : The indemnities are covered for which the insured must answer for the damages caused to the persons or property acting as owner who lives in the dwelling or acting as a private individual, athlete (as an amateur), pedestrian or user. bikes. It also covers the relatives of the insured who live and depend economically on him.
  • Legal Protection : With our home insurance covers the criminal defense and the claim of damages.
  • Jewels : The jewels, precious metals, pearls or precious stones destined to the use or personal adornment with possibility of extension to jewels in strong box (optional) are covered.
  • Special goods and valuables : Optionally, this cover may include art objects, tapestries and rugs, silver or ivory items, costume jewelery, leather garments, collections, image and sound equipment, telephony and computer equipment as well as sports equipment and elements, when its unit value is higher than 2,000 euros.
  • Housing aesthetic solutions : This insurance includes an extension in the aesthetic damages of the dwelling that equals the stay affected by the accident when, after repairing the damages, aesthetic differences remain between the repaired and the old.
  • Aesthetic solutions (optional): We will match the aesthetic coherence that the damaged goods had before the accident, the belongings being insured.
  • Aesthetic solutions in breakages : An optional guarantee with which we will match the aesthetics of the affected set belonging to the dwelling and / or fixtures in the event that there is no piece of the same characteristics in the market as that damaged in the accident.
  • Caldera Review : Optionally, it allows you to include a check of the proper functioning of your boiler among the coverage of your renters insurance. An accredited professional will perform the mandatory annual review according to regulation RD 919/2006 of 07/28/2006.
  • Handyman Service : Our home insurance offers professional help to perform certain installation work, maintenance and adaptation of the home such as furniture assembly, installation of curtains, window insulation, etc.
  • Domestic animals (optional): Veterinary expenses are covered as a result of an accident suffered by the animal of the insured and up to the maximum limit that appears in the particular insurance conditions. The civil liability of domestic animals and veterinary assistance can also be included optionally.
  • Home services : This coverage will include a service by which security personnel will be sent to your home if, as a result of a theft or accident, the home is easily accessible from the outside. In addition, we will also take care of restaurant and laundry expenses if the kitchen or washing machine is unusable. This coverage includes advice of the home and the disposition of our professionals at your service
  • Computer assistance : With Computer Assistance, we offer a comprehensive computer and multimedia assistance service 365 days a year, including remote or onsite assistance, as well as data recovery for data storage devices that suffer damage. .
  • Reconstruction of gardens : The compensation of the material damages that occur in trees, plants and grass as a result of fire, explosion or lightning will be covered up to the fixed limit.

You can check the limits of the coverage in the General Conditions. 
In addition, all your belongings will be insured at value again, that is, compensation for damage to your belongings or your home does not take into account its seniority. With the Home Insurance Commitment for tenants we guarantee the compensation as if they were new, without depreciation.

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