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Five tips to avoid surprises when hiring car insurance

A large number of drivers look at the price as the main factor when contracting the car insurance, so knowing certain factors such as which model is more expensive or cheaper to insure, which are the most expensive Spanish provinces or what does it cover? exactly the contracted rate, it is essential not to waste money unnecessarily. | Ten cases in which full insurance will not spare you from paying for the repair of the car .

However, only assessing the costs without addressing other circumstances can lead to an unpleasant ‘surprise’ in case of any mishap. Therefore, from the portal , dedicated to the sale of vehicles, have compiled a series of five conditions that must be analyzed when hiring a car insurance, whether new or used, to avoid problems.

Confirm the registration. Make sure that the car’s registration number is the one that appears on the policy. Sometimes, especially when making insurance contracts through the internet, there may be errors with the number. In case of having an accident, the insurer will not recognize that car as insured and the client will have to pay the corresponding fine.

Transfer of insurance. If you are buying a second-hand car, the first thing to check is that you have insurance up to date. In case the seller has the car without insuring, the buyer will have to make an insurance at the time of changing the ownership. It is important to know that the new owner will not inherit the parts given by the previous one and the premium of the policy will be adapted to the new buyer.

Learn about the coverages included. If it has been purchased between individuals or in a buying and selling concessionaire, it is advisable to spend some time and study other factors before making the decision. For example, contracting third-party insurance policies with additional coverage in the event of theft, moon breakage, travel assistance or recourse to fines may be more cost-effective in the long term than simple third-party insurance, and thus avoid additional unpleasantness. in case of loss.

Adapt the coverage to your needs. It is important to know well the car that will ensure that the contract will be different according to its particularities. For example, if the vehicle is more or less prone to breakdowns, if many kilometers are made, if it is parked in a garage, it is not equal to, if the car is new, if it is usually circulated by city or it is parked on the street .

Infrastructure of the insurance company. Nowadays, physical offices are disappearing and hiring insurance through the internet is the order of the day. Therefore, it is advisable to have that point in mind depending on the type of customer service that is expected, as sometimes companies may not have sufficient resources to meet their customers’ requests quickly and efficiently.

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