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Five Tips on how to save money for Travel: Part 5

Tip 1 to save money – Place a piggy bank where you spend most of your time.
Do not underestimate the power of some coins, as a whole and in large quantities make the difference.

A piggy bank in your house and another in the office are ideal, every time you have coins in your pants or wallet, put them in the little boat.

In my office there was no lack of kindness to join the cause; Once they gave me 20 dollars! In the end, between the two boats he had collected just over 3,000 thousand pesos in pure coins.

Tip 2 to save money – Recycle.
Our country is not characterized by having the best culture on recycling and is even very poorly paid, but the rubbish of some will always be the treasure of others.

We were recycling cans of beer from all the meetings that were held in our house and even some we attended, we did not become millionaires, but the money that came from there served several times to pay the receipt of water or to buy food to our pets.

Tip 3 to save money – Stop buying clothes, shoes, bags and things you do not need.
I swear by the most sacred thing I have, DO NOT NEED THEM.

Go and open your closet or closet, observe it carefully, sure you find there all the essentials to dress and fit as a decent person.

The need implies having something to exist or function properly, if refraining from buying something does not put your life or health at risk, then do not buy it, DO NOT NEED IT .

Tip 4 to save money – Sell what you do not need
Speaking of things we do not need, take advantage of a weekend to clean your house and take out everything that has no use for you or that you have not used for a long time; Then organize a garage sale and promote it in your social networks and sales groups on Facebook.

Two weekends before leaving Mexico, we put a sale in the garage of the house and for two days of work of approximately 5 hours each, we earned 6,000 pesos.

Tip 5 to save money – Share expenses
If you are independent and you live, just look for someone to share your expenses with. A roommate / housemate can be a relief to your portfolio.

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