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Five Tips on how to save money for Travel: Part 4

Tip 1 to save money – Stop paying annuities for things you do not use.
I do not want to generalize because there are really well-applied people, but if you’re like us who pay the gym in advance and never go, please stop doing it!

Tip 2 to save money – Change your cell phone plan
In case you have a cell phone plan, analyze it and consider reducing it to a minimum.

Most of the time we pay for a service that we do not use or retaliate in its entirety. Nowadays there is WIFI everywhere, so it is not that complicated to be communicated all the time.

Tip 3 to save money – Check the credit card statements with a magnifying glass.
When I had to cancel one of my departmental cards, I realized that for 3 years I was paying for dental insurance that I was not aware of; With that money, I could have bought a national flight to any part of Mexico.

Tip 4 to save money – Put two streaks to social life.
I am aware that it is one of the few escapes of reality that we give ourselves, but they have begun to think: How much do these escaparitas cost us monthly?

Make accounts of coffee with friends, the Wednesday meeting, Friday dinner and weekend beers. I assure you that once they translate social activity into numbers it is no longer attractive.

Tip 5 to save money – Change the weekend outings by home meetings.
The last year before leaving Mexico, our social life changed and we spent most of the weekends at home.

That does not mean that we did not have a good time, on the contrary, what we did was to bring the “party to our house.” Maybe it seems like a gandalla (taken advantage of), but there were times when we even charged a 10 peso cover, They went directly to our savings bank.

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