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Five Tips on how to save money for Travel: Part 2

Tip 1 to save money – Set a fixed amount of monthly savings.
You will do this based on your salary, possibilities and financial commitments. At first it is a little complicated but if you follow the advice of the letter, this task will be easier.

We started saving approximately 30% of our salary and eventually that amount became 70%. Obviously we apply everything you will read in this list, otherwise it would have been impossible.

Tip 2 to save money – Make a double effort and save in another currency.
Without being experts in finance we know that unless something very extraordinary happens, it will be very difficult for the Mexican peso to recover its value and impose itself against the dollar or the euro.

So a part of the monthly savings, do it in another currency. Set aside a percentage of the monthly savings and always have an amount of money in dollars or euros on hand.

Tip 3 to save money – Use the money wisely
Did you receive extra money for utilities, commissions, bonuses or bonuses at work? If so, do not use the money to buy new clothes or to go on a weekend vacation; use money intelligently, that is:

Pay your debts.
Save the money in the savings account.

Tip 4 to save money – Set priorities.
This advice goes hand in hand with the previous, determine what is most important to you, help you make the right decisions when it comes to spend and / or save money.

If you really make a commitment to your goal, all other “important expenses” will take a back seat.

Tip 5 to save money – Find an extra source of income.
At this point there is an infinite list of possibilities and choosing one will depend on the taste, time and skills of each one.

We did a bit of everything, even UBER driver. The question is not to settle for the salary that we already have guaranteed month to month.

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