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Five Tips on how to save money for Travel: Part 1

Tip 1 to save money – SET AN OBJECTIVE.
Marry him, tattoo him in the DNA if possible and please DO NOT FORGET HIM NEVER.

Eye, that when I speak of objective I do not mean to save a certain amount of money, but rather to what you want to achieve; One week in Cancun, 15 days in Europe, one month in Asia or 1 year sabbatical traveling around the world.

Whatever it is, keep it in your head all the time.

It did not seem important, but for us it was key during the time we were saving money , particularly when the temptation appeared in the form of new shoes, music festivals or vacations.

Having our objective clear and above all being committed to it, I avoid on many occasions that we spend money on unnecessary things.

Tip 2 to save money – ELIMINATE YOUR DEBTS.
Sure they will think, it is that you can not! Dear ones, write a survivor of the cards and the credit bureau.

It took me years, tears and a lot of money to get rid of my debts, but I did it.

One of the most beautiful memories I have of my dark financial past, was the day I received a fortnight completely for myself, I wanted to go crazy.

Having our full salary opens a world of possibilities for saving.

Click here to read the story of how I managed to get out of debt and travel the world.

Tip 3 to save money – Perform an analysis of your personal finances and organize your expenses.
You do not need to be a finance professional, the secret is not to deceive ourselves and be realistic with what we are receiving and what we spend.

Apply that popular saying that says: DO NOT SPREAD WHAT YOU DO NOT HAVE.

Tip 4 to save money – Eliminate unnecessary expenses
Once the analysis is done, eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Do you remember that at the beginning of the post I mentioned that we had to pay for internet, cable, Netflix, Roku and cell phones? When we put numbers to these services and we did the sum, we went back, mainly because working all day, barely and we had time to enjoy them.

So we said goodbye to a few and the same amount of money we invested in that, we put it to the savings account month after month. Take a second look at your finances and think about all those expenses that you could do without.

Tip 5 to save money – Open a savings and investment account
If you have not already done so, open a savings account. Keeping the money under the mattress in addition to being insecure does not generate any performance at all.

Have an exclusive bank account to save, keep your money safe from thieves, may generate a monthly profit and as if this were not enough, away money from you and the multiple temptations to want to spend it.

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