Consequences of giving false information in the car insurance

  • Since 2009, fraud in automobile insurance has multiplied by 3.5. A fact that, translated into money, represents a total cost of 833 million euros per year for insurers
  • The consequences of cheating the insurer can even be criminal

As indicated by the fourth Barometer of Fraud in Línea Directa’s Auto Insurance, since 2009 cheating in the automobile insurance sector has multiplied by 3.5. A fact that, translated into money, involves a total cost of 833 million euros per year for insurers or, what is the same, 9.89% of the benefits paid by companies. Thus, the data show that 6.3% of the accidents declared by drivers between 2015 and 2016 are false compared to 1.8 registered in 2009.

When talking about fraud the normal thing is that one imagines accidents that have never happened and although it is not completely misguided, there are more situations that are not considered as fraud by the users and, in fact, they are. Thus, the percentage of deception for damages unrelated to the loss is 80.5% followed by assembly (12.09%), false theft (2.20%), budgets inflated (1.94%), false breakdowns (1.41%), the concealment of alcohol (1.31%) and the rest of scams that only represent 0.45% of cases.

Different types of fraud

It is understood as fraud when an insured commits an irregularity with the intention of deceiving the company and obtaining unjust enrichment. For this you can commit any of the following acts:

  • Damages other than the loss
  • Mounting
  • False theft
  • Inflated budgets
  • False faults
  • Breathalyzer hiding
  • Other frauds

In all the previous cases, the insured is acting in bad faith, is aware of it and what is intended is to take a benefit from the insurer that does not correspond.

Damages other than the loss

It is the most common fraud. It consists of having a breakdown or blow to the body prior to an accident and trying to get the insurance to fix it as if it were something derived from the accident itself. If the insurer does not notice, it would end up paying the shop an invoice that would not correspond to the actual damages caused by the coup. In this way, the user achieves his goal of having the car clean without having to pay a single euro for it.


Faking an accident or injury caused by one is another of the most common frauds. Sprains of neck, contractures in the back or a blow of a car against another that never existed … are just some examples of mounts that some users can come up with to scrape some euros or a free arrangement.

Some examples of this type of case offered by insurers are that of the truck driver who had alleged injuries to his ankle and leg that prevented him from working, but who was found participating in the bullfighting enclosures in his locality. Or that of a driver who, after a collision, claimed the insurer one year’s leave and the maximum compensation claiming a post-traumatic cervical syndrome and lumbar injuries, and that was recorded removing debris and carrying tools while doing gardening work.

False theft

After accidentally losing or breaking a valuable object such as a smartphone or a computer, it consists of including it as if it had been a theft. It is a very common deception of clients to insurers. In this way they get compensation to buy a new one.

Inflated budgets

When a budget for a repair is deliberately increased with the workshop person, a fraud is being committed as an economic enrichment is sought at the expense of the insurance company.

False faults

Pretending that the car has a breakdown in the wake of an accident with the intention of obtaining a free settlement or a monetary benefit, is another of the most common frauds by users.

Breathalyzer hiding

Alcohol and drugs are risk factors behind the wheel . If a person who has drunk more than is allowed to drive a car insured, it will be as if he lacked the contracted coverage, something that most drivers do not know. In fact, when a loss is suffered due to alcohol and given some of the blame to the insurer it can not be responsible for their own expenses  although one will have blanket insurance policy . In addition, in the case of protection to Third Parties , the company is the one that pays the pertinent indemnifications, but later it can benefit from its  right of repetition, that is, require the insured the amount paid. For this reason, some drivers try to hide this information from their company and thus not have to face the expenses.

Another type of cheating

Lying in the data of hiring a car insurance is something that many users do not consider a hoax as such. However, if the company detects it, it can have consequences such as that in case of accident it does not cover any expense or that the policy is automatically canceled. Therefore, when providing the necessary information to make the insurance , it must be real and correct so that in case of unforeseen event, the client is fully protected.

Consequences of lying to the insurer

Committing fraud of any kind has important consequences for the offending person. The main ones are the following:

Termination of the insurance policy

Once the lie is discovered, it is most likely that the insurer decides to rescind the policy. In addition, the fraudulent insured will be marked internally by your company and all those who work in a global system in which the data of fraudulent persons can be exchanged. The day that this information crossing occurs, individuals who have committed fraud against a company will be in serious difficulties to be able to contract an insurance policy.

Loss of the right to compensation

If the insurer discovers that a customer has attempted to commit fraud against it, that person automatically loses the right to be compensated for the loss.

Criminal consequences: fraud offense

The most important consequence in certain frauds is that they can be considered as scam crimes. In these cases the one who commits fraud is condemned to pay a fine or, even, can go to jail.

Find a complete car insurance

The best way to be protected against any unforeseen event is to have insurance that has the essential coverage and that, in addition, fits the needs of each. For example, if it is a driver under 25 years of age , having a product specially aimed at him will guarantee that, in case of any loss, the company will take over. In this way, and based on the premise of finding insurance that meets the needs of each client, the Rastreator car insurance comparator is presented as a very useful tool.Simply enter the vehicle and driver information. In just a few minutes the user obtains a real-time comparison between more than 20 insurers with all the information on the coverage and other information necessary to find what they need.

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