6 steps: How to choose a good car insurance for you

Did you just buy a new car and are you looking forward to driving it? Or maybe you’re sick of your insurer charging you too much money and thinking about changing it?

Whatever your case, the truth is that today choosing a good car insurance is somewhat complicated.

There are so many new companies that emerge every day, and so many insurances with all kinds of coverages that are appearing, that the task of choosing a good auto insurer can become a real headache.

The insurance of a car is one more cost that we have to add to our personal expenses if we own a vehicle.

But it is also a lifesaver that can save us a lot of money if we have an accident or if our car suffers some damage.

Therefore, before hiring a policy for your car, it is best to compare among the safest you can.

Doing this will achieve two important things: first save money because you will be up to date with all the insurance offers that exist, and secondly find the best type of insurance for your needs.

So here I am going to show you the 6 steps you must follow to find the best auto insurance for you at the best price.

How to find the best auto insurance in 6 steps

1. What coverages do you need for your car?

Before going crazy to start looking for auto insurance, it is essential that you know exactly the coverages you want for your car .

All basic insurance – called Third Party – cover mandatory needs such as civil liability, insurance for the driver, and legal assistance.

But from there there are many more options that you can add to your insurance, and that will also increase the price of this.

In insurance policies for extended Third Parties you can also contract other services such as damage to the moons , fire damage, or theft of your car.

The All Risk includes all the characteristics of extended Third Party insurance, and also offers extra coverage such as scratches, bumps, or even the total loss of the car.

But you are the one who has the last word and who must decide which options are the ones you want to hire.

Therefore, before starting to look, I recommend you do this exercise: take paper and pencil, and make two columns in it .

In the first, it points out the most important coverages for you that your car should have; In the second column, write down those you would like to hire, but which are not essential.

In this way, when you start looking for insurance, you can better adjust to the budget you have depending on the coverage you want to hire.

2. Use an online insurance comparator

Thanks to the Internet it is no longer necessary to approach car insurance agencies one by one.

Now, from our own home, we can enter the web page of each insurer, enter some data, and see an exact quote for our auto insurance.

But there is something even better: online insurance comparators .

With these platforms you will save a lot of time because you only need to fill out a form with your data once, and the page will show you the prices of different insurers so you can compare.

So with the list of coverages that you made in the previous step, look for a car insurance comparator , and check well the prices and policies offered in each of the insurers.

3. Provide the data that they ask for

When you are looking for insurance for your car on the Internet, do not be afraid to give the information they ask for .

Many people are too apprehensive when they have to send even the most innocuous informationthrough a website.

But the truth is that both in the pages of insurers, as in online insurance comparators, they will not ask for any type of data too personal.

They will only want to know things like the brand of your car , date of registration, since when do you drive …

It is important that you put all the data that they ask you to obtain an exact quote for your insurance, because otherwise you will only get an approximate price for your policy and you can take a scare when the real price of your coverage appears.

4. Do not hire the first insurance you see!

There are many people who, as soon as they see a car insurance with a reasonable price, immediately start hiring it immediately.

It is a mistake that you, by all means, should try not to commit .

It is preferable that you spend a few more minutes reviewing each type of insurance, the extra that includes, and if there will be any fee or “hidden” supplement to be sure that this policy is the one that best suits what you want.

Even if you already have a winning insurance, it’s a good idea to call the company or an agent to tell you the questions you have before you have to leave doubts or make a bad choice.

Make sure you know exactly what they offer you and what they will not give you , and that way you will feel much more comfortable with the choice you make.

5. Read experiences of other insured

Although the insurer you have chosen to hire may seem the best in the world for the coverage and the good price it offers, you will never know how good it is until you have a mishap and need your help.

A good trick to take the final step and decide to hire is to look for Internet experiences of other insured in that same company, and see what opinions they have – if they solved their problems, if customer service is good …

Although remember to be careful with this too.

Many times people enter the Internet only to talk about bad experiences, and very few people give their positive opinions when they are happy with something.

So do not let yourself get intoxicated by the first negative comment you find, and try to read as many comments as possible, and see the level of overall satisfaction they have.

If you find a clearly negative trend, it is that this is not a good insurer, and it is better to look for another one where your insured have a more favorable opinion .

6. Do not let your insurance renew automatically

If you really want to have the best coverages with the best price on your auto insurance, it is very important that you repeat the previous five steps every year .

Many times insurers give us everything we want (and more) if it is the first time we have a policy with them to keep us satisfied.

But after a while, they can start raising their prices or eliminate guarantees even if we have not given any part of an accident in the last year.

About two months before renewing your auto insurance, call your agency and ask them the price of the next year .

If they are going to upload it, ask them why and let them know that you, as a good driver, deserve to be kept the same price , or even give you a bonus as a discount as a reward.

In case they refuse to give you a small reward for your loyalty to them, return again to look for other insurers that provide you with a price equal to or better than the one you already have.

Choosing a good car insurance that offers good benefits at the best price is not a difficult task if you follow all the steps above.

But always remember to compare all the insurance you find, and above all, read the fine print before you start to sign your policy.

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