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3 Famous Sculptors and Their Works

Before we go to our Top 3 famous Sculptors

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The Beauty of BRONZE

Bronze is a wonderful metal. I love the weight and luster after it is polished. My original designs are created in clay and wax. After a mold is taken from my clay original and the wax is reworked my larger works are shell cast at a fine art foundry. The small sculptures are small enough to be investment cast, the same way precious metal jewelry is made. I receive the raw bronze figures in various sizes from the caster, finish the metal work, and apply the patina in my studio. Then I can mount the couples and families on a base of natural stone that I source locally in New Mexico. The stone bases are cut to size, kept rustic in appearance or polished. They work great in combination with the smooth bronze and enhance one another.

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Miguel Angel

1. Michael Angel

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), Florentine sculptor, is possibly the most famous sculptor in the world. Leonardo da Vinci’s worthy competitor as a multi-talented Renaissance man also stood out in his time as a painter (example: vault of the Sistine Chapel ) and architect (example: central dome of St Peter’s Basilica ), but the sculpture was the first discipline to which he dedicated himself and his favorite.

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2. Rodin

Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), a French sculptor, marks a turning point in the transition from the classical tradition to the beginning of modern sculpture. Great innovator who stayed true to his style despite constant criticism and academic rejection. Pioneer of Impressionist sculpture, he disdained the dominant mimesis in favor of imperfections and expressive disproportions. It also revolutionized the concept of public sculptural works.

The work shows a nude male figure of over life-size sitting on a rock with his chin resting on one hand as though deep in thought, often used as an image to represent philosophy. There are about 28 full-sized castings, in which the figure is about 186 cm high, though not all were made during Rodin’s lifetime and under his supervision.

Antonio Canova

3. Canova

Antonio Canova (1757-1822), Venetian sculptor, is famous for the perfection and delicacy with which he simulates bare skin in his marble figures. Canova is one of the determining figures in the formation of Neoclassicism. In his work he seeks the elegance and austere perfection of classical Greek sculpture in contrast to the excesses and drama of the Baroque.

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